And we met. After a long time.
And we hugged hesitantly. Melting into a warm embrace.
And we drank. Not so much, actually.
And we talked. Quite a bit, actually.
And the hours flew by. As time does.
And we parted. Going our own way.


Why can’t we meet everyday?
Talk. Drink. Joke. Flirt.
Cuddle. Make love.
Make love again.
And be one for a lifetime?

Why couldn’t fate have kept us together?




      1. Sorry, I’m so uninformed, but just went across and caught up on what’s been happening in SAf. Got the gist. It’s sad that the world’s in a mess and corruption has seeped into every bone crevice. There’s no limit to want and there’s no limit to how far leaders will go in their quest for money / power / etc.

        I hope you’re not personally affected by the turbulence? You hang in there, Chev. Got you in my prayers, don’t you worry

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      2. Thanks Kunal. I think we all are directly and indirectly impacted, it affects the nation’s psyche and all our pockets. It needs us to pull out our resilience and lead wherever we can. Thank you for your concern,really appreciate it.😀

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