Apres Le Deluge

It started slow.

Summer skies, dry season.
A few drops.
Leading to a drizzle.
And then a downpour.
The deluge watering parched hearts.
Arid drought, bleached landscape
making way for days full of rainbows.
Nocturnal storms, thunder & lightning.

It poured.
A cloudburst of love.
For 40 days and 40 nights.
Hearts swelled.
The flood, a release from
a past of loneliness.

Then, just as the skies overhead cleared
and grey clouds receded,
the water rushed to find an outlet.
Into the drains it washed away.

Taking our love with it.



  1. What a story you tell in this poem! Dramatic, beautiful and such a powerful metaphor for the highs and lows, victories and losses in our loves and our lives. I loved it, really loved it! Well done Kunal!

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      1. Ha!Ha! you know I meant every word I said. This could easily be one of my favourites. Your imagery is so skilfully applied – even that little lonely heart shaped leaf. Heck, you’ve earned my praise.😊 Enjoy your evening. The sun is still shining brightly here.

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  2. Like everyone else, I’ll chorus ‘dramatic’ but not limit to that. I particularly like how you start and let optimism build up. I love writing about rains and their healing powers so much so that this piece really struck a chord with me. You did a wonderful job of depicting the finding of love and (sometimes) eventual loss of the same through a single point of reference, i.e. rain. Beautiful imagery, wistful, and a pleasure to read.
    P.S. You’ve been so kind to leave comments so very often on our blog, that I thought it was high time we return the favour. Thank you.

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  3. A lovely piece Kunal, you capture the emotions very well, I love the powerful metaphors you use.
    I love rain (as long as I have enough chocolates to consume), and this has been penned wonderfully. Dramatic, yet a lovely write Kunal.

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