Cauliflower, sexy when smashed

Cauliflower puree. How much more frumpy can one get? But tell you what, dressed and dolled up this way, it’s a pretty good substitute for potato mash, and healthier to boot.

Steam a large head of cauliflower and while it’s still hot, mash it in a mixer, adding generous amounts of butter, some cream, freshly ground black pepper, salt to taste, some finely cut, fresh chives and an all-purpose seasoning like a Mrs Dash or equivalent. Add some pan-roasted sesame seeds to the puree. A strand or two of saffron to imparts with a rich colour and add a subtle flavour. And finally, a shake of red chilli flakes.

A spot of Tabasco, or alternately coarse grain English mustard, help add some spike, but the downside is they overpower the saffron and sesame seeds.

That’s it. Serve up in a shot glass, where it forms the base, with some minced, marinated and sautéed mushrooms (made to the recipe linked below) layered on top, or even by itself, garnished with a some crisp, brown, deep-fried onions or a sprig of parsley.

Or, on a piece of garlic toast, as a Saturday night date with a drink. Or, simply as a side to steak or chops, with some crispy, green French beans and wilted spinach.

Mmmmm, looks good and sure as hell, tastes good!




      1. Hey, I reckon I can write about anything metaphorically,even cauliflower – but I like the Sexy and smashed better😀 Great to hear about your poetry reading. Well done!

        I’m fine save for all the mayhem happening around me. From a local news point of view, there is never a dull day.

        Back to the cauliflower recipe, it looks like a great recipe, would definitely like to try it. Enjoy you Monday Kunal!😀

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