Cauliflower, sexy when smashed

Cauliflower puree. How much more frumpy can one get? But tell you what, dressed and dolled up this way, it’s a pretty good substitute for potato mash, and healthier to boot.

Steam a large head of cauliflower and while it’s still hot, mash it in a mixer, adding generous amounts of butter, some cream, freshly ground black pepper, salt to taste, some finely cut, fresh chives and an all-purpose seasoning like a Mrs Dash or equivalent. Add some pan-roasted sesame seeds to the puree. A strand or two of saffron to impart a rich colour and a subtle flavour. And finally, a shake of red chilli flakes.

A spot of Tabasco, or alternately coarse grain English mustard, help add some spike, but the downside is they overpower the saffron and sesame seeds.

That’s it. Serve up in a shot glass, where it forms the base, with some minced, marinated and sautéed mushrooms (made to the recipe linked below) layered on top, or even by itself, garnished with some crisp, brown, deep-fried onions or a sprig of parsley.

Or, on a piece of garlic toast, as a Saturday night date with a drink. Or, simply as a side to steak or chops, with some crispy, green French beans and wilted spinach.

Mmmmm, looks good and sure as hell tastes good!




      1. Hey, I reckon I can write about anything metaphorically,even cauliflower – but I like the Sexy and smashed better😀 Great to hear about your poetry reading. Well done!

        I’m fine save for all the mayhem happening around me. From a local news point of view, there is never a dull day.

        Back to the cauliflower recipe, it looks like a great recipe, would definitely like to try it. Enjoy you Monday Kunal!😀

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