Bill Joel, Redux (now I’m in big trouble!)

What the heck, if I can blaspheme once, I may well again! So, after the previous one, I’ve revisited and reversed ‘She’s Always A Woman’, looking at the man from a female perspective.

He can kill with his looks
He can wound with his words
He can ruin your faith by his flings with the birds
And he only reveals what he’ll show to you
He’ll hide his ex and his xxx from view
Yeah, he’s a silly, immature man, you see

He will sweet talk you to bed
He will take you, later dump you
He will ask for the truth but probably won’t believe you
He won’t like the tie you bought even if it’s free
And he’ll eat all unhealthy
He’s a lazy, sloppy, tiresome man, you see

Oh, he thinks he can take care of himself
But still wants to be mothered
He’s woefully behind the times
Oh, and he never gives up explainin’
He never gives in to correction
He just loses his mind

He’ll promise you more than the Garden of Eden
Then he’ll carelessly forget all that you’ve been speaking
And he’ll bring out the bad
And the worst you can be
Blame it all on yourself
But forgive him, he’s a silly old man, you see

He’s a warm hearted person
Yet he will suddenly go cool
He’ll do as he pleases
Even though he’s a sucker, a fool
But he can’t be convicted
It’s his DNA, you see
And the most he will do
Is blow kisses at you
He’s beyond repair, he’s a silly old man, you see


…and here’s a link to the earlier song –


I thought I’d croak this for you, but I’ll let you listen to the real thing!



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