Lifelong Loneliness (English / Hindi)

Meri toh hai tu ek manzil

Tera dil main kar lu haasil

Kaash yeh mujhe jaaye mil

Kya main hoon kaabil

My heart won’t rest till

My lifelong quest gets its fill

Make it thy will

So this racing heart can stand still


The first stanza is about the one desire, with a hope that her heart can be won
and questioning the ability to do so… with a little help again from Nandita.
I’m not translating this one because I wrote it wanting words in both languages
ending in ‘il’ – I’m sure that with a little help from the image, you’ll all get it!

Image from Pinterest via Google.



  1. I like the ending -il . Well done , K:)
    Desires !
    And even when her heart be won
    and two entwine to become one
    will the heart stop racing for more?
    his roving heart can ne’er be sure.

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  2. If you put a smiling baby face sun in place of the heart shaped cloud, you have the Telletubbies backdrop. LOL! Seriously, thank you for making Hindi accessible. I can appreciate the music of your poem, but your translation and interweaving of English gives it depth and brings it to life.

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