Anchorage – Holding on to Time (English & Hindi)

Time! What are you
That you change not for aeons 
And then, in an instant, change life and are gone 
Time! I cannot fathom you
That you pass not for centuries and an age
But when your time does come, pass over in nary a moment
Samay! Kya cheez hai tu
Main samajh na paoo
Sadiyon tak tham sa jaata hai
Aur palak jhapakte hi sab badal kar chala jata hai 
Samay! yeh kaisi fitrat hain teri
Jo sadiyon tak, yugon tak guzre nahi 
Samay aate hi, par 
Beet jaye kshan bhar!

* Thanks to Nandita, the ever-helpful Hindi resource!
Grateful for her presence and enthusiasm… with the number of drinks I owe her,
I’m going to need to start saving big! 🙂








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