Your Love Keeps Me Alive (Bilingual)

Although she’s no longer here on this forum, a shout out  and a big hand for Nandita for being her usual helpful self in assisting me with my Hindi!

Baji pyaar ki baans
Jaagi ek nayi aans
Ki aoge tum mere paas
Thoda kar lu ehsaas
Thame na tab tak meri yeh saans

You blew a love note into your magical flute
It carried across, re-kindling the spark of desire in me
That you will be besides me once more
For me to inhale your presence again
I hold my breath in that anticipation


43 thoughts on “Your Love Keeps Me Alive (Bilingual)

  1. I was reading this again yesterday. It’s really beautiful. I love the anticipation of anything – seems like one of the best emotions to have. In the spirit of deliciousness would it be adequate to sum up this poem with one word? – “seductive” Btw does the feel of the poem match in Hindi?

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    • Thank you, Chevvy! You know what, Hindi is still a struggle for me. I do not know if what I’m writing expresses the “fineness” of the feelings, which is why I go to Nandita for her help on that. The English obviously is not a transliteration and in these pieces, I try very hard to conceptualise the idea in Hindi, craft it and then get into the English.
      You must try one in another SAF language you might know!

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      • I’m afraid my second language is Afrikaans which does not have romantic or any other appeal for me unless you want to swear. In one of our main African languages the word for love is used loosely -same word to express different levels of emotion but I’ll test my theory further.
        I wouldn’t have guessed that the Japanese had contemplated the words you share.

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      • Well, I can assure you that if I swore at you in Afrikaans or Zulu, it would be very harsh and rude. Btw it reminds me of a word I learnt as as child from our Indian community – which as I recall was considered very rude and included the word “mother” in Hindi I think. I will not say it any more than that. I suppose the richest words would be around key emotions and utility words.

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      • Aah, say no more! Incest is part of the curse words in every language, I think. Hindi expletives are also very crude to hear. But yes, there’s a certain silly pleasure in learning words which enrich the vocabulary – who cares if they’re unnecessary or downright dirty πŸ˜‰

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  2. hi kunal,

    I want to have a guest post in ur blog of my poetries, shayaries & ghazals.
    do u have such provision.if yes,then how can I do so..& if no..then can please suggest where I can post as a guest blogger or can give some links those bloggers with large no of followers & who allows guest posts


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