3 Dogs, 2 Friends, 1 Lady

Of old photographs and memories…

I want those romps again
Cold noses, warm bodies and slobbering kisses
The whispering of secrets into floppy canine ears
The muddied paws, the bath fights
The panicky mayhem at the Diwali crackers

I want that sheer boyish stupidity again
the ‘masti’, the ‘paagalpan’, the ‘chutia-giri’
The carefree-ness, the college days
The scooter drives without brakes
The egging, the picnics, the practical jokes

I want those incredibly long walks again
Visits to boring museums and the Cloisters
The indomitable courage and the joie de vivre
The friendship across four generations
And so many continents

I know they say you can’t always get you want, but please, pretty please?
Damn, I didn’t mean to well up!
But I miss them still.
And I’m missing them now. Like crazy!


Dedicated to Timmy, Schnugi and Pushan – my dogs, all of whom left me before it was time

Shiroy & Cyrus – my crazy Bawa (Parsi Zoroastrians, a fun loving community in India) friends. The twenties and thirties aren’t a time to leave

Esty Epstein – a nonagenarian French Jew from NY who’d befriended my grandmum & my dad in the early 60s, continued with me in the 80s through to the 2000s, and then even met my daughter

Masti = Hindi for mischief

Paagalpan = Hindi for madness

Chutia-giri = Hindi slang for “effing around”

Egging = throwing eggs into the homes of people you don’t like. Stupid, I know, but damn funny for tipsy teenage boys


57 thoughts on “3 Dogs, 2 Friends, 1 Lady

  1. Wow K! Well done this time again 🙂 you’ve summed up all the stupidity of youth that somehow seems to make sense in that age and phase! Well I’m still just in the phase so it all sounded amazingly coherent with events of my everyday life! 😉

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  2. I loved reading this and thinking about it for myself. It reminds me of Gladys Night’s/Barbara Streisand’s “The way we were” and all the things one reflects on with old friends.
    But I guess its also about the carefree days before bond repayments, school fees, days of adventure and taking risks.
    Your egging reference reminds me of gangs of us climbing trees and stealing other people’s Avocado pears and running like hell when they set the dogs on us ( I had brothers you see) As you gets older you think of which age you’d like to freeze. I used to think it was 18 but now I’m happy to settle for 26 – 28 for some of those memories. But we make memories every day still. A lovely post Kunal😉

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  3. Oh, I love the sentiment and the energy in this piece, Kunal! You brought us back to that carefree time of life that we all remember, no matter what age we were. Thank you. You still have

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  4. This is wonderful my friend. The nostalgia is catching. This is written with So so much love and affection and the Hindi words give it much charm. Your words really do give across a time of carefree days, freedom and joy of living. So very well penned and a great read first thing in the morning! Thank you! Truly inspirational! 🙂

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  5. Oh dear… This reads so up close and personal, so true… Your words moved me. I hope you had a restful night and feel refreshed. You’re a beautiful heart!!!
    Hugs to you!
    Dajena ☺️

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  6. Oh what a joyful post! In the words of the incomprehensible Murakami, “Memories warm you up from the inside, but they also tear you apart.” A heart warming first verse, I could feel the sense of loss all too well.
    I do too miss the good old days when like was simple and sorted. But on the brighter side, nothing can stop us from doing chutiyapanti in the future, which is quite a relief. A wonderful post, as always! 🙂

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