Evenings with Bacchus

Bacchus, my buddy, come drink with me
Let’s share some wino
And intoxicating company

Celebrate the good times
The coming of age, getting hitched, and then unhitched, the raises, the bonuses, Christmases to come
Let’s drink to the future

Now, pour me a stiff one
Drown out the depressive sorrow, another passing, the girl who wouldn’t say yes,
the job that wasn’t worth it
Come, lift my spirits

You’re a fine companion for when my cup overfloweth
For when the glass is half empty and when it’s half full

Don’t put away that goblet just yet
Stick around, sit across me, stay some more
Let’s hang out together till we get hungover
Or till soma*-induced slumber comes to call

Time, conversation, the bottle, you and me
A shot of wisdom, a pint of pleasure, a wee dram of tears
Clink of ice, laughter, moist eyes, fizz, froth, sips and swallows
Anecdotes, banter, musings, repartee

So raise another, buddy, let’s toast once more
Say cheers to life, to health, to tomorrow
L’chaim, mazeltov, prost and salud



* mythical intoxicant of the gods mentioned in the Vedas



  1. Hmm! I’d say this is pretty ponderous. Needed a stiff one huh? I should have joined you ha!ha! Well where I’m in agreement is in saying Salud and Cheers to the future and let it bring all the good things you dream of . In the meanwhile one has to invest in the now to get there:-)

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  2. Very nice, K! A hint of nostalgia, a dash of resignation, a tinge of hope, a heady cocktail. This reminded me of our very own “Khoob milegi rang jab … teen yaar baithenge…(Bagpiper ad tha na jo)
    So when do I come over? Or you taking a trip to saddi dilli? 🙂



      1. Oh absolutely! You’ve got a wonderful blog…in good time I will catch up with all that you’ve written! Something in Hindi coming up soon on my blog 🙂 – inspired by your post of course 😀 Do check out my space! Cheers

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