(In Sawaalon Ka Jawaab) Questions, questions, questions…

Another attempt at Hindi (dunno where this new-found quest for experimenting in a language I’ve never been very comfortable in, has arisen from!)… with due thanks to Nandita, my tutor πŸ™‚

Kya kahoon jaanti nahin jo woh
Kaise kahoon jaanta nahin yeh main

Kab kahoon dil poochhta hai yeh
Kyon kahoon maanegi jo nahin woh

Kahaan le jaayenge yeh sawaal mere
Jawaab jiska hai nahin paas kisike

What should I say that she doesn’t know
And how should I say it, know not I

When will you tell her, my heart asks of me
But why should I, when I know her answer, ask I

Where will these questions lead me
Answers for which there are none


PS – Do check out Nandita onΒ https://mananunleashed.wordpress.com/


    1. And you’re effusive with your praise! As difficult as Hindi is for me (with 10 years of studying it, albeit a long time ag0), I can scarce imagine what Sanskrit must seem like to you! Hats off for you to pursue it!

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      1. well, i didn’t know that specifically, but I know that every time i get out of the U.S. people are embarrassingly more educated than Americans as far as language skills and politics!

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  1. You make me so proud, K. πŸ˜‰ And thanks for the promotion from “subcontinental suspect” to “Nandita, my tutor”. Lol. You are most welcome. Anything and anytime for the love of poetry!

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  2. Hazaron sawal aur unke laakhon jawab…kuch ki dil me jagah hoti hai, aur kuch ko pehna dete hain naqaab! Beautifully written…I have been writing in Hindi/Urdu for as long as I can remember! But I had been hesitant to share them on the blog, for fear of people not understanding. But you’ve done it beautifully, with the translation! I shall soon put up something on my blog too πŸ™‚ Thanks for inspiring me to continue writing in Hindi πŸ™‚

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