In the completeness of contentment
In the void of nothingness

At the zenith and at the nadir
In delight and despair

In the upholding of principles and tenets held paramount
In the occasional, guiltless lapses of judgment

In the material world with all its temptations
In the dreamless state
In the ether and in Universes beyond

In every exclamation of wonder
And exhalation of tiredness
In every inhalation of this bountiful life
In the pause between breaths

In the unborn taking shape in the womb
In the spirit released from the dead
In the non-living

In emotion and expression
In stoicism
In a wavering mind
In resoluteness

On days of the eclipse
On days with rainbows
On moonless nights

Within and without
Yesterday, today, tomorrow
Now and forever



  1. Very Sri Sri Sadhguruish! 😉 I hope you don’t kill me now with your pen. Jokes aside, this really encapsulates the essence of the soul which then is a manifestation of higher power. I quite like the dual opposing voices and how you stress on the omnipresence of the greatest truth in both.

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