Characterless carbon copies.

Commonplace anodynes.

With chained minds, constricted thinking, controlled behaviour.
Moulded by cookie cutter mentality.
Checked and curbed at every step.
A herd of incapable lemmings.
Commandeered into submission and followership.
Living contentedly in claustrophobic, contained, cloistered environs.

Peas in pods, unwanting to be pearls.

Worthy only of contempt.





      1. Well,I’m so glad to see/hear you laugh. makes me wish I could hear what that sounds like:-) Makes me think of some of the traditions followed in our many cultures here. Quite often people follow against their own better judgement for fear of being ostracised – even disowned by their families. Then of course where would fashion, music and even social media be without clones. Sorry if I digress – just trying not to be a clone.Btw – when did carbon copies – I wonder how many young-uns are familiar with those:-)

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      2. Obviously there will always be more followers than leaders, but like I was telling a friend offline, why cant we each try to tread our own individual paths, without actively seeking to break norms, or seeking followers. Perhaps this reads harsher than it should, but it was more a commentary on neither trying to control others, nor try to copy them.

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      3. I think you did just fine. Isn’t it that art is commentary on society and sometimes it will bring a little discomfort.I like to think I tread my own path quite a bit but there is often a price to pay and when we make those choices we just have to live with it fearlessly. Now that you’ve calmed down – have a super day!

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  1. yes this is exactly how we feel about everybody else, we the rebels, but maybe we’re just too emotional, maybe they’re actually alright while we’re bound to struggle. Herd mentality is part of animal nature. So is everything else! Maybe, we’re aware of our very own sheep-ness, and we’re annoyed by those who aren’t πŸ™‚ Automation and cloning is our worst nightmare; anything that goes against our emotional inclinations. It’s like we’re constantly conflicted between who we are, who we want to be, and how society sees us.

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