Finding God

Find not God in the holy books
But in the story of your life

Not in the words of the scriptures
But in the lyrics of the song on your lips

Not in a hymn at church
But in the rhythm of your heart

Not in the blowing of the conch shell or the call to prayer
But in the sound of laughter

Not in the beat of the drum
But in the intervening silence

Not in an edifice of stone
But within the walls of your heart

Not on the days ordained
But in every living moment

Not in the icon you focus your attention on
But in every fellow man who stands before you

Not in the one direction you prostrate towards
But everywhere as far as you can see

Not in the rotation of the prayer wheel
But in the circle of life

Not in the unconsciousness of meditation
But in all the beauty that your waking eyes take in

Not in your meager offering to Him
But in the abundance of grace you receive

Not in mandated rituals that bind you
But in knowledge that unshackles you

Not in the unquestioned acceptance of canonical tenets
But in the spirit of unbiased enquiry

Not in lectures and discourses on morals
But in the way youย listen to theย inner voice of your conscience

Find God not in the deep recesses of religious dogmas
Find Him in the heights that realization can take you to



  1. This is so beautiful, K! You have done an awesome job. May your words of truth and wisdom find home in the hearts of all your readers and then their readers and then some more. Amen!

    A person’s character is shown through their actions in life, not where they sit on a Sunday ~ Navonne Johns

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  2. An interesting antithesis you make here. I suspect that the very dogmatic would take issue since I guess that’s what is deemed religion. I don’t have a problem with both. I think that when you are really spiritual, you see God everywhere, in all things and especially within yourself. If you ascend to the highest levels of spirituality – you might even see yourself as a co-creator. Even now – aren’t we all co-creators in some way.
    Off my soapbox now – well done Kunal, a brilliant synthesis of this issue and great writing as usual:-)
    Best, Chevvy.

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      1. I think it will resonate with every free thinking individual who has a personal connection with God. Dogma does does not agree with such a personal relationship, after all. It binds us with everything you’ve mentioned above. And yet, it is God who offers freedom. So yes, leave man’s version of worship behind and accept God’s and you are well on your way to finding your own blessings. Thank you so much for sharing this poem. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Theosophical.
    Theosophy is considered part of the broader field of esotericism, which posits that hidden knowledge or wisdom may offer a path to enlightenment and salvation. The practitioner of theosophy seeks to understand presumed mysteries of the universe, and its relationship with humanity and the divine. The goal of theosophy is to explore the origin of divinity, humanity and the world: from investigation of these topics, theosophy seeks to arrive at a coherent description of the origin and purpose of the universe.

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