Dream, Desire, Destiny – Hindi/Urdu II

Translation provided (with poetic license!).

  • Thank you to the usual subcontinental suspects for helping out
    with ‘desi’ language tips!


Khwaish meri jo na hui poori
Khwaish meri jo rah gayi adhoori

Tumney mujhse jo dil na joda
Tumney dil jo mera toda

Paas aana jitna chahta tha main
Usey badh kar ho gayi do dilon mein doori

Khwaish meri yeh hogi na poori


Alas, incomplete desire
Alas, unfulfilled dream

Of entwining this heart of mine
With thine in eternal love divine

The closeness that I once sought
With untraversable distance now is fraught

Woe! Desire leaves me distraught



  1. Mujhe toh title hi pasand hain. Phir toh kya kehna! Beautiful the first time, still beautiful everytime!
    The subcontinental suspect..lol. is that what I am now to you, K?

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      1. Hey dreams are good. Where would we be without them? Don’t know if you are familiar with Ode to a Grecian Urn where the poet ponders the painting and the fact that all the characters are trapped in that moment and will never know the experience of the next moment. The thing about life is the thrill of anticipating the next moment – there should always be space left for that:-) I presented this pondering in this poem: https://chevvy8.com/2016/04/16/stroke-of-the-brush/

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