A Simple Thank You


can not run a 4 minute mile

or do the Iron Man’s course

do not have a mansion in Beverly Hills or on the Riviera

do not have the IQ of Hawkins

or the patience to solve Rubik’s cube

do not have looks of an Adonis

or a constantly smiling visage

or even 20/20 vision

do not claim to be a repository of the world’s wisdom

can not at times resist greed and temptation and vice

And I never will…


…but I have enough.

So thank you, God!


  1. welcome knaal ji.u r right.nobody can be a perfect person.even though we have a little more something ourselve;for dt we should be thanlful coz of having dt to God.u know-a biggest thing we all have ,is d Soul,,who is belonged from God n soul links altogether in a special relation.

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