Billet Doux

There was a time I’d write.

With fountain pen and India ink.
On handmade paper.
Words of innocent love.
Then bring out the red.
And draw a heart or two, as best I could.
Sign with a flourish.
And coyly add the ‘xxx’.
Spray a spritz of perfume.
As if the lasting scent would excite her a little more than just the letter.
Fold the sheet with gentle hands.
Carefully, precisely.
Find a suitable envelope.
Place the letter inside.
Add a few rose petals.
Not seal it yet, in case I wished to add another hesitant ‘x’.
A misspelt, romantic French phrase.
Or a PS.
Then, stamps affixed, take care to post it personally.
A fond kiss sending it on its way.
With the hope that the mailman would deliver what my heart wanted to say.

And then I’d wait with bated breath.


  1. Oh this is lovely. When nostalgia hits, it hits the hardest.
    I’m old-school too. I still write letters, WRITE with a pen on paper. But can’t remember the last time someone wrote me a handwritten letter.

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  2. Gentle, innocent, old-fashioned and down right beautifully romantic. Such sentiments will NEVER go out of fashion for they tug at our heart strings. Thank you for this offering to us on this day my friend. Loved the picture too…💑

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  3. Love this!!! Ah, as I S mentioned before, letter writing is a lost art. Yours and mine (Victorian Love) are so complementary to each other. Really really like all the gentle steps he takes here before posting it. And part of the romance is in the waiting. So lovely I think…savoring. Instead of instant messaging and the like. Very well done!

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  4. This one ! I totally identify, even the spritz of perfume. Those who don’t know can never really understand the experience you describe. You’ve packaged the experience with such finesse. Well done!

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