Praising the Lord.
Proclaiming peace.
Proffering hope.
Promoting brotherhood.
Pledging heaven to all.
Promising a blessed future.
Professing unity and equality.
Praying for mankind.

Alone at the pulpit he stands.

The congregation
preferring instead
priests, pundits, pastors
propounding a poisonous philosophy.
A perverse, primitive passion
pandering to the persecution of pagans.
The hymns of hate.
Mantras of mayhem.
The worship of war.




  1. Hello Kunal, I guess this is what you call a rant. Beautifully penned and lots of alliteration for effect so I guess you are feeling strongly about the subject today. Do you think it’s fear that keeps people burying their heads in the sand or plain indifference. Can the human mind and heart deal with a plethora/onslaught of bad news everyday. Of course that does not excuse indifference. Otherwise – I hope you are well:-)

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      1. I suppose it comes back to what we said the other day – true leaders need to emerge. There are many more people willing to be followers but I do believe many would follow true leaders and this is where their power lies if we build on what history has taught us. I also think media are pundits of bad news more often than not. There are good stories to be told too. But I hear you and feel your angst. I’m not giving up God willing 🙂

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  2. I hate. Therefore I am. The world has grown a lot more intolerant a lot angrier and preachers teachers and leaders arrive to pander to the demand. Maybe they aren’t responsible for this, we are responsible for them.

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