Al is an old man I know
Not grumpy, in fact, pleasant and all
Stoops, walks with a stick
But once he stood tall

He’s good fun to talk to
Any time, any place
One small problem, though
He can’t remember your name or your face

I like the fella, feel sorry for the guy
Every day I introduce myself
Still he’ll ask who I am
When not five minutes have gone by

The poor man’s lost his memory
And as a result, misplaced his keys
His meds, the glasses on his nose
How many times, nobody knows

You got to remind him time and again
Repeat everything in threes
It’s not his hearing that’s faulty
He tends to forgets things with ease

Things from days of yore aren’t a problem
It’s the recent past that’s fading
The body though past its prime, is fine
It’s the grey cells that need some aiding

His wife gets frustrated
His children, impatient and irritated
But I have no problem, I grin and bear it
Answer the same questions again, indulge him a bit

Once sharp of mind, still cheerful & jocular
He often forgets the punchline
I just carry on shooting the breeze
And passing some time

Aging must be hard, I think
Whenever I see Al Z Heimer
I hope I don’t get the kind of dementia he’s got
When I’m an old timer


This is just a fun post, which competes with & completes the others I’d posted earlier in the same space, viz 



Relax, it’s just harmless fun, I’m not being insensitive!



  1. Nice fun read Kunal. I love comedy shows and it’s interesting that Comedians are bold enough to tackle any subject sometimes to the point that we squirm in our seats – but we laugh and we learn. I smiled at your use of “old timer” Is it a colloquial expression that everyone uses? We do 🙂

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  2. I remember that last time I saw my grandfather he was just seated in front of the lunch menu asking again and again when lunch was. It’s a bit amusing but also sad. Alway nice to be able to find the humor in things though.

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  3. The ability to find humor in such a terrible disease is great but to be able to impart it in a respectful to your followers is greater because it causes more dialogue. Great writing 🙂

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