Lines in the sand
Drawn by a perfidious hand

Based on premise, presumption and prejudice
Identical grains of silicon
No different, but no longer the same
With a wedge now slicing through, dissecting them
A chasm, a cavity, an unnatural cleave
A boundary which cannot be bridged
Except by two halves of a thinking mind
And a heart that knows no divide

Lines in the sand
Yet they stand




    1. Yes, thank you as always, Chevvy. My thought is simple – random, artificial borders drawn by colonial powers of yore are the source of conflict today. Can these be rationalised without war? Or am I dreaming again?

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      1. Firstly,I’m glad to hear that fine. Maybe I saw ominous signs in your poem. Remember – I believe in signs and symbols. As you know we had a peaceful transition unlike major economy revolutions and wars.The downside is that it can feels like a slow pressure cooker. Someone I once met who had worked in many war torn countries said it was not something to wish upon ourselves. I’m for dreaming of constructive peace making and where possible enforcement of national and international protocols.For this we need sound leadership with integrity across countries and institutions. Before I get off my soapbox, you and I have leadership capability even in the pen:-)

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      2. The whole of the Middle East / North Africa and my corner of the world are carry-forwards of the last century’s mistakes, but it’s not too late. Alas, there’s no man of stature a la Gandhi / Mandela…

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  1. Excellent! I was very much intrigued by the title and the poem did justice to it. If I really had to choose the most beautiful of all the lines (and it was a tough choice), it would be:
    “No different, but no longer the same”

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  2. Conflict is the source of power and power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. The lines in sand alas are no longer just that, they are electric fences with guns guarding both sides from each other. Poignantly expressed Kunal.

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  3. oh this was eloquent Kunal, with the right amount of bitterness to make it sting. how does one even begin to draw these lines of separation, cutting more than just a line on a map.

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