Hark, I hear the sounds of silence


The sun doth whisper to me faintly as it moves across the sky,
The moon, standing still, also listening in rapt attention

A solitary snowflake renders a soliloquy,
a flurry breaks into chorus

A conversation among trees I can overhear

Interrupted by the tinkling laughter of a shooting star

Yonder mountains reveal eternal secrets in their sonorous baritone,
amid the impatient tittering of time

The currents, warm and cold, engage each other
in playful camaraderie

Even as the ripples in the pond patiently explain
and expand my understanding of the Universe

The hum of the Source as it breathes life into all things,
the bridge between these interludes


Nature’s acoustics, audible in the quietude of the mind



  1. I’ve come to expect good writing from you and this is yet again such a gem. I loved it. It does feel like it required deep listening , observation and reflection to write like this. Anyway, that’s what I felt the other day when I stood on a mountain pass and my camera couldn’t quite capture the true picture of what I was seeing and feeling. Welldone!

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  2. This is so very beautiful my friend and there are so many exquisite little gems speaking to me from this poem. It speaks to me of the gentle sacredness in Nature and the stillness it invokes! Bravo once more my friend, this is masterly writing… πŸ˜€

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  3. This is quite a magical piece πŸ™‚ love the fact that it reminds me of Shakespearean sonnets.
    Beautifully executed! Thanks for linking up with Prompt Nights πŸ™‚

    PS: The next prompt on 22nd January is “Karma” in case you wish to participate.

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