A week since.

The memory of the smile reappears
into the foreground.

The kohl-rimmed eyes, that hair let loose,
they come back.

The mind reminisces in slow-mo.

Pauses. Replays moments.

Then stills in time.

The faint lavender scented perfume lingers.

The fingers retrace
the brief moment of light touch.

The laughter is heard once more.

A frisson of anticipation
of the next time passes through.

Happiness pervades.

And the spirits lift again.



Inspired by one of my favourite songs, rendered with an Indian fusion twist…



24 thoughts on “AFTERGLOW

  1. I have a special love for kohl.:) Beautiful write-up Kunal.Is it the Great White version you are talking about?
    I’m happy to still be with you
    Loving you the way I do…

    Liked by 1 person

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