A week since.

The memory of the smile reappears
into the foreground.

The kohl-rimmed eyes, that hair let loose,
they come back.

The mind reminisces in slow-mo.

Pauses. Replays moments.

Then stills in time.

The faint lavender scented perfume lingers.

The fingers retrace
the brief moment of light touch.

The laughter is heard once more.

A frisson of anticipation
of the next time passes through.

Happiness pervades.

And the spirits lift again.



Inspired by one of my favourite songs, rendered with an Indian fusion twist…




  1. I have a special love for kohl.:) Beautiful write-up Kunal.Is it the Great White version you are talking about?
    I’m happy to still be with you
    Loving you the way I do…

    Liked by 1 person


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