From the nether regions he emerged,
Scarcely known.
Into the limelight
Strode he,
A meteoric messiah
Selling dreams of gold.
A promise of alchemy.

Was welcomed by hyperbole.
And the mandate of the masses.

Feigning intelligence,
Triumphantly he marched
Onward in haste.
Monarch of all he surveyed.
Accompanied by the unctuous.
A crescendo of drum rolls
And devious, Machiavellian lieutenants.
Doted on by the media,
Feted by the fawning multitudes
Who put a halo around his head.

And then the oracle failed.
The promised dawn never materialized.
An envelope of darkness descended.
The aura wore off.
Rose tinted glasses saw through opacity
To where tarnish met base metal,
The false promises
Of a false god.
With a forked tongue.

A jackal, a chameleon.
A man of straw,
With feet of clay.


  1. Thanks for leaving me the link. I love your poem on this story. The analogy of the story fits so many circumstances in our lives that it is always a good base for a poem, story, or revealed truth. hugs, pat

    Liked by 1 person


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