Let me introduce Donald the dyslexic
One heck of a happy-go-lucky dcuk
Not a care in the world, living on a farm
With his bestie, a chicken named Hcuk

Together, both would frolic all day
Skipping around in farmyard mcuk
One waddling and quacking with joy
While the other would hop and clcuk

Then a guest came visiting his country cousins one day
From the far-off city, in a shiny new trcuk
Tires squealing, braking hard, he pulled up in the yard
Portly and boorish, a slobbish, sneering schmcuk

Sat his ample self down on the sofa
And declared he was ready for evening tcuk
The poor little farmer and his wife
Large hearted hosts but short of a bcuk

The wife, she rushed for fresh vegetables from the patch
But there was no meat or sausage or ground chcuk
As they hesitated, the city slicker demanded
“Well, I saw something I fancy – how about roast dcuk?”

Aww shcuks, you know where this story is headed
Someone’s going to run out of lcuk
With heavy heart and no option in sight
Into the coop our farmer silently sncuk

Amid a cacophony of noise and flurry of feathers
Farmer and fowl both ran amcuk
Alas and alack, dear dyslexic Donald lost his neck
And his feathers the farmer did tearfully plcuk

In he went to the oven for a fine roast
On his drumstick did Mr Guest enthusiastically scuk
Gravy dribbling down his double chin & belly
And splattered all over his napkin, quite ycuk

But there’s a twist – dame destiny had a plan
A bit of bone in Mr Guest’s gullet got stcuk
Tiny as it was, the big jerk couldn’t breathe
It seemed as large as a hockey pcuk

And as he gasped and choked to his death
The farmer and his wife looked on dumbstrcuk
And a dead dcuk’s ghostly quack was heard
“That’s what you get when with karma you try to fcuk!”


  1. Such a delightful read 🙂 Love the sparkling humor and wit in this poem.
    Beautifully executed! Thank you so much for participating!! 😀

    PS: I have linked your poem to the correct prompt. You were a bit early 🙂 The prompt will go LIVE on my blog in 2 hours. Appreciate your enthusiasm. Have added you on Facebook 😀 this way you ll remain updated about the prompts in future. Thank you once again Kunal 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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