Like the hands of God, breathing life into thoughts
Like the trident wielded by the Devil incarnate

Like a rainbow displaying its happy colours against a soft blue canvas
Like tear drops precipitating from dark grey clouds

Like a wisp of rain, a gentle patter on the face
Like a swathe of devastation caused by a cataclysmic hurricane

Like a rejuvenating breeze carrying the scent of the ocean
Like a fire enraged, obliterating all in its path

Like the soul quaffing copious quantities of quietude
Like a raucous cacophony of two mismatched heartbeats

Like lustrous pearls strung together in a luminescent necklace
Like a crown of thorns, jagged spikes piercing and inflicting pain

Like a feather comforter, a down pillow
Like a bed of nails, sharp and incisive

Like a cursive typeface that writes in swirling smileys
Like a bold font designed for maximum impact

Like Cupid’s arrow penning odes to the heart
Like a sledgehammer blow straight to the plexus

Like long stemmed roses dripping honeyed verse
Like a bramble bush from which one recoils

Like a conductor’s baton orchestrating a dulcet symphony
Like the merciless pounding of molten metal at a foundry

Like a spider web, delicate yet ensnaring
Like a shark’s maw, as rapacious as vicious

Like a stolen kiss, effervescent and evanescent
Like bitter bile, a poison unto perpetuity

Like a sheer satin veil, a message of eternity delivered to a body on the cusp
Like a shroud of coarse sackcloth, rigor mortis setting in while a maudlin heart still beats


  1. Each one of these is profound in own way.
    This one hit me on a visceral level:
    “Like Cupid’s arrow penning odes to the heart
    Like a sledgehammer blow straight to the plexus”
    Brilliant piece, Kunal.

    Liked by 1 person


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