What if I could move home?

Beyond distance without moving an inch. Living in a space unoccupied. Empty of belongings, possessions, encumbrances. Out of range, yet able to fulfill all responsibility. Incommunicado. Yet in communion. Cut off, but plugged in.

Where I can give up my self. My pride. My ego. My desires. Carry no baggage. All I will own there is my thoughts.

To a place where I can β€˜be’. An acknowledgement that I don’t actually belong where I exist. Unattached. In absolute silence, no white noise. But where I can hear the sound of the universe. In perfect sync. Uniting with the Unity.

Would this be escape, or a return?



29 thoughts on “EXILE INTO INFINITY

  1. “Sometimes I wonder what more is there,
    Insisting within
    myself that I
    should forget
    trying to be
    everything to
    someone or
    something to
    and just remember
    perhaps the two
    most beautiful string of letters
    ever married together:

    Just be.” –

    Christopher Poindexter.

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  2. Kunal, take me with you when you figure out how to get there!! I’ll do the same for you if I figure it out first. This is exquisitely written! Oh, such bliss. I’ll take the escape and the return to Source, all rolled into one. *Hugs* MW

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