What if I could move home?

Beyond distance without moving an inch. Living in a space unoccupied. Empty of belongings, possessions, encumbrances. Out of range, yet able to fulfill all responsibility. Incommunicado. Yet in communion. Cut off, but plugged in.

Where I can give up my self. My pride. My ego. My desires. Carry no baggage. All I will own there is my thoughts.

To a place where I can β€˜be’. An acknowledgement that I don’t actually belong where I exist. Unattached. In absolute silence, no white noise. But where I can hear the sound of the universe. In perfect sync. Uniting with the Unity.

Would this be escape, or a return?




  1. “Sometimes I wonder what more is there,
    Insisting within
    myself that I
    should forget
    trying to be
    everything to
    someone or
    something to
    and just remember
    perhaps the two
    most beautiful string of letters
    ever married together:

    Just be.” –

    Christopher Poindexter.

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  2. Kunal, take me with you when you figure out how to get there!! I’ll do the same for you if I figure it out first. This is exquisitely written! Oh, such bliss. I’ll take the escape and the return to Source, all rolled into one. *Hugs* MW

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      1. πŸ™‚ My bags are packed! Then again, we probably shouldn’t lug any of our baggage into the emptiness and fullness of infinity. It’s interesting that you titled this “exile into infinity” as “ein sof” meaning “the infinite” is one of the Hebrew names for God.

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