Christian vs Muslim vs Hindu.

Versus Jew. Versus Buddhist.

Sikh. Yazidi. Zoroastrian. Atheist.

Brahmin vs Backward. Sunni vs Shia.

Native vs Immigrant. Local vs Settler.

Nation vs Country. Tribe vs Tribe. Brother vs Brother.

Faith vs Belief. Ideology vs Ideology.

Alliance vs Bloc. Team vs Faction.

Straight vs Gay. Black vs White.

Rich vs Poor. Developed vs Third World.

North vs South. East vs West.

Individual vs Society. He vs She. You vs Me.

Seven billion at last count. Each, “The Chosen One”.

And yet, not one gets it?


  1. …gulp. It really seems that way doesn’t it? Well arranged words my friend…clear and concise and they say it all! Judgements everywhere and all the way. Humans too entangled in their big egos…it is sad to see and hear and no, they do not get it. But we will keep on trying and doing our little bit in our little corner of this planet…and live in Hope. Awesome picture…gulp…! 😦

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      1. Please don’t apologise … It did what it was meant to do and did it well! Perhaps we will never get it apart from those avatars that come and go’ Perhaps we are destined to never “get it”… ? Great post!

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      1. I’m trying but people are so content with the emptiness that they would rather revel in it than be repulsed…. we are like cancer patients who are in so much love with their malignancy that they can even justify their spreading it to others including their own children. WTF!!!

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  2. well said. in simple and plain words. There are veils that block us from seeing everyone as we ought to; me in another body, with a different ideology, faith system and social standing. with all the stereotypes when one is cut, we all ooze a blood that is red in colour!

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  3. The need to believe that one has a god more powerful than another’s is crippling the World. When will the day come when we believe in US? When we know we’re one people and behave as such mankind and the planet both stand a chance at survival.

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