The day you grazed your knee at school.
Your nurse told me.
You never called.

The day you missed the bus on your way home.
Your teacher told me.
You never called.

The first night you went away on scout camp alone.
You said you would.
You never called.

The day you stood first in school.
Your friends told me from the movies.
You never called.

The evening you graduated from college.
You partied all night.
You never called.

The day you got yourself a job.
You were hung over.
You never called.

The day of your promotion.
You were with your colleagues.
You never called.

The day after you first met your to-be wife.
The celebrations must have lasted long.
You never called.

The day my grandchild fell ill.
You didn’t want to worry me.
You never called.

The day your breath failed you and you passed.
The hospital informed me.
I should have called.



      1. * wipes face from guilt* such an emotional blog post man. dont write such posts. you sure gonna make cry 😦

        But honestly, very heart stirring article. Couldn’t stop myself from reblogging it.

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      2. my mom calls me 20 times a day and i don’t recieve just because she keeps asking repeated questions. but today, i realized my mistake. thanks Kunal.

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  1. This is so moving and so very true, my friend. I recently went to visit an older friend in a Nursing Home, having not been for 2 weeks only to be told they had died. If only I had made the effort to call in sooner. Wise words my friend, and stresses the importance of genuine connection…cue for a poem on Hindsight or “if only…” Yep old age knocking on the door and no way am I opening it fully…at least not yet! Much food for thought here, thank you Kunal! 🙂

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      1. Indeed. I see my naano living with my uncle in the same city as ours, and I see how much she misses us and I keep handing the phone to my mother k maa abhi call krlein.. At this stage, I still live with my parents, but I dread the period of life where I won’t be so close and I’ll have to remind myself to call my parents.
        Regret is a horrible thing to have to live with. It sucks life out of a person.

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