1. …aaaaah! Loved the evocative photo…why the judgemental, negative slant today? Shock tactics worked my friend…made me spill my coffee… ! MM says Oh Dear… I say Hope is always there and we are off to garden…Sanity! Hope your outlook on mankind mellows a wee bit… ! 🙂

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      1. …reminds me of a 60’s song…Where have all the flowers gone etc?….lots of verses ending in “When will they ever learn…? No respect for Gaia…tragic! 😦 There are enough resources to go round for everyone…just not enough justice and wisdom… 😦 Who knows where it will all end? Regards from meself and MM 🙂

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  2. All 7 billion? I’d say that we have to segregate a bit here. We live in such unequal societies with very different pieces of the pie. How do we view those chopping down trees to eek an existence compared with those driving their 4X4s on the sea shore. I’m also of a mind that sometimes our children don’t know or realise how much devastation we (the current generation are leaving behind. Still, your point is taken.

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    1. Accepted! Maybe mine was an exaggeration – there are a fair bit who are aware and doing their bit…
      Re those who are in the survival / subsistence strata, I think they believe in sustainability simply because they have to and they know of Nature’s frailties. It’s modern civilisation and society to blame

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      1. Sometimes exaggeration is needed to get people to sit up and take note. I’ve worked in various fields of sustainability and there are those who become great champions and those who even at gun point would not change their behavior and don’t forget the politics. As in everything, those who believe must just keep on being optimistic. Glad to see how passionate you are on the subject.:-)

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