On the chosen path

I walk alone

Except for Him above

And angels for company

Uncharted course

Untimed schedule

Sun or shade

No worry, no doubt

Halt, retrace

Meander I might

And enjoy it, too

But never lose my way

Him leading me along

The angels by my side


  1. I have read through a few of your poems and enjoyed them immensely. You have a great sense of putting fragments together. This is a must for a good poet and always a balancing act. There is a difference between allusion and illusion, between alluding and metaphor. Keep it up! I will read more if you read mine.

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    1. Thank you, Elan! Don’t you worry, I’m pretty much a regular on your blog and am up to speed with your posts – I really enjoy them! Thanks & take care! See you around (virtually)!



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