Who are they who defend God?

Did He ask them to?

If He is All Powerful, why does He need defending? I was told He would take care of us, not that we would need to look after Him.

If He is the Creator, why do they destroy?

Who heard Him cry out for revenge? Why didnโ€™t the neighbours hear Him? Why donโ€™t you and I? If He can speak to them directly and call them to war, why did He send us avatars and apostles and prophets and angels of peace?

Is He happier now that murders in His name have been committed? Was He happy when they slaughtered kids earlier? Or do they hear from a different God in a language the rest of us donโ€™t understand?

If every deed done by man is done in His name, why does man do misdeeds?

What is this mind for, if the hand is to kill? Why did He give us reasoning and the power of intellect if He wanted them to be subsumed by base metal and sharp edges of a sword?

Who lies? Did He? Surely not. The holy books? I think not, but if they did why are they holy?

Or is it they who lie?

Questions. Questions. Questions aplenty.

Can the defenders of faith defend themselves from the questions I ask?


  1. Movingly true Kunal. As AB Potts said,” I have no problem with God. It is his fan club that scares me.” Wars and atrocities in the name of religion somehow have felt justified and right but they are all oh so wrong!

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  2. Oh my God !! Do you know I scanned my entire followers list so many times to find your blog. I have such terrible short term memory that I forgot your blog name !! And trying to find was in vain. Finally found you !! Phewwwww

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  3. Since these feelings are shared by many people of many faiths, how is it that we get led astray? Led into these idiotic “causes” that clearly serve no purpose but to enrich someone at someone else’s expense!

    Steve Earle’s Song “Rich Man’s War” sums it up pretty well.

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  4. I always feel so disheartened with the actions that take place in the name of God. (God of many religions) Wars that benefit no one, except the rich who profit from the act of war itself. Shame.

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  5. The human condition is sometimes unfathomable. I guess I just keep hoping that as we’ve seen in our lifetime, the Cold war ended, the Berlin Wall came down, Apartheid ended – all of these examples and evidence to keep hoping that things will change – be it religious conflicts or any other violations.

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