Lennon v2.0 (Re-imagining “Imagine”)

Shalom! Salaam! I come in peace, brother
I’m one of you, I’m not the other
Forget what’s happened, it’s all in the past
Let’s build something together, something to last
What’s done is done, let it be forgotten
We’ve all got to live under the same sun

Not Christian, not Hindu, neither Muslim, nor Jew
You’re just like me and I, like you
Not black not white, Sunni nor Shiite
Let’s sit around and talk, don’t have to fight
Not rich, not poor; who cares how much you own
When all you’ll eventually need is a coffin and tombstone

Not victor, not vanquished; friend, not foe
Why look back, simply let it all go
Forget political affiliation, poverty, privilege
No stereotypes, prejudice or bigotry; don’t judge
Race, gender, ethnicity or nationality
Creed, caste, class or sexuality

Let’s end this vengeful cycle of strife
Bring Lennon’s utopia into life
Don’t let’s propagate any more hate
Let’s try and understand, accommodate
Bury forever whatever our difference
And forge anew with mutual confidence

Seek an answer, question if you must
But do take my hand, in each other let’s trust
Remember the message which we’ve all read
In case you’ve forgotten, this is what it said:
Humanity, fraternity, diversity
Unity, solidarity, one global family

So let’s all of us; you and me; we
Take peace forward till eternity
Aum, shanti, shanti, shanti*…

  • Sanskrit for “peace”; the words with which many Hindu prayers end

61 thoughts on “Lennon v2.0 (Re-imagining “Imagine”)

  1. If only…is it ever possible to imagine such a world? Perhaps in our dreams! Beautiful sentiments, beautifully written…a moving tribute for what the world is crying out for right now. Thank you once again, Kunal…

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      • A bright mornin’ to you. ‘Twould be awesome…we just have to keep chiselling away…nothing else for it! As you say when the spark in our body is blown out, all we need is a coffin and tombstone…Lol, MM has chipped in with pearls of wisdom over coffee…all you need is a spade! Or a trailer load of logs and matches…lol! Or a vulture…no stopping him this morning. Me? About to see an ornate coffin, got a funeral to play this a m. Cardboard box will do me when time comes. Here’s hoping for our kids….Cheerio for now!

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  2. Kunal! I don’t know how I missed this post of yours but what you conveyed is so profound &admirable! 🙂

    I believe people could think like you maybe the we can hope for some reforms 🙂

    God bless! Great writing!!!

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  3. I so like your ‘reimagination’ of ‘Imagine’; without such positive and hopeful hearts, then we have guiding light. I believe in such a world, and indeed, we work on it bit by bit. Perhaps not in our time, for the entire world, but for each man’s little world, yes. I shall take time to read it again later his evening, I am going to be sitting by the waterside under the moonlight. Inspirational, thank you for directing me here.

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  4. Hey! Nice lines here… You do Lennon justice extending his voice. I enjoyed the words and the message is resounding. We can only pray that things will get better for us all and life will smile. Well done!

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