I’m sad
So my tears flow out of a nib

I’m elated
So I babble through an ecstatic delirium of words

I’m worried
So I scribble away my anxiety

I’m filled with ennui
So my boredom plays between stanzas I craft

I’m angry
So my ire seeks release through a pen

I’m scared
So I hide behind a sheet of paper

I’m lonely
So I seek the companionship of prose

I’m weighed down
So I lighten my burden by laying down verse

I’m confused
So I unravel my thoughts into poetry

I’m optimistic
So I put down a positive turn of phrase

I’m inhibited
So I free my mind through my writings

I’m buoyant
So my words rise to the occasion

I’m sexually aroused
So my thoughts release in an orgasmic orgy till I pair them into couplets

I’m alive
So I breathe through my compositions

I’m human
So I express myself in black & white

I’m sentient
And so my sentences reflect my state of mind


34 thoughts on “AS THE MIND, THE WORDS

  1. Beautifully and cleverly composed! The pen is a flowing continuous extension of what is manifesting in your mind…almost as if the pen is changing its colour to suit your mood in that moment. Images of black teardrops dropping off the end of a pen come to mind, another lovely composition, my friend! Words are indeed our lifelong companions…our therapists as we negotiate our lives…thank you.

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