There’s something about…

…the scent of monsoon in the air

… the wind in your hair

…the breeze against your face

…the sun on your skin

…the grass beneath your feet

…a book in your hands

…a dog cuddled in your lap

…a melody playing in your ears

…a song in your heart

…a prayer upon your lips

…happiness in your mind


31 thoughts on “SIMPLE PLEASURES

  1. Contentment and ease to just be where we are right now. Beautifully simple and apart from the book they cost absolutely nothing. Happiness in the mind cannot be bought…it is found within…open-hearted and heartfelt words. Thank you.

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this with me! When I was very young, I lived for a while in Thailand. In the 40+ years since my return, I have forgotten many things I once knew. Among these, along with chinchooks, tuk tuks, and klongs, is “the scent of monsoon in the air”! Suddenly I find myself awash in remeniscence of many things long misplaced but mostly in the scent of monsoon.

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  3. These are the simple pleasures in our everyday life that we ignore, that can keep us in a constant state of happiness and peace. Just by reading your words I was feeling such a warmth and peace in my heart, Imagine the amount of happiness they can generate when we get inspiration from them. Beautiful poetry. I love it.

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