He digs deep
Not knowing if he will find

Searching for lost treasures
From an era past
Ancient relics
Which today lie in ruins
Rich pieces of History
Waiting to be rediscovered
Secrets of a civilization
Now deceased

Like an Archeologist
Excavating the deposits of time
Sifting through the sand
Sorting through substrata
Looking for old world artefacts
Values, virtue, wisdom

And so he chips away


  1. And so he chips away
    And delights us with his finds!
    Words scarcely used today and almost forgotten
    He dusts sifts through them and carves them back to life
    We are happy he keeps chipping away
    Never know what find he may present every morrow 🙂

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  2. Hi there, I’m following your link from the Community Pool asking for honest feedback. I like how you’ve used an archaeological scene to create this poem, but I think some of it’s message might be getting lost in a preoccupation to get in the terminology. I’d also suggest experimenting with punctuation in order to add some more structure to the piece. Full stops and commas can be great for creating emphasis on certain phrases and adding depth, while capital letters at the start of each line are not always needed and can make the flow feel a little clunky. I really like the theme of this piece though. The second stanza felt a little unfinished perhaps, but the last line packs a really good punch. I’d definitely be interested in reading more of your work.

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    1. Hi Carol, I’m truly grateful to you for taking the time for your valuable feedback. I’ll try to use some of what you tell me in my future pieces.
      Read on, do, there’s a lot!
      Thanks again! Bless you!



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