Greetings, fellow traveller!
Whither goest thou? And wherefrom do you come?
Have you a compass? A clock? Company?
Weary wanderer
Your tread is tired, you seem to be trudging What is your burden? What baggage are you carrying?
Can I help you with your load?

Is there a direction you’re following?
To what destination?
How long has it been, how much further is it?
Are there signposts on the way?
Let me walk with you awhile
Perhaps we’re headed the same way
And if not, I will follow mine own path
Divergent as it may be
But until then
Wayfarers we can be, traversing together

The road stretches ahead
Miles long, winding, uphill
Let our journey unfold
Sharing experiences
Across enthralling vistas
Keeping pace, walking in step
Tarrying, at times
Resting our soles, pleasing our souls
Taking in the view

And when that fork in the road appears
There can be a mutual easing up, slowing down
You can veer to one side, I the other
And bid bon voyage
Without looking back at our tracks
Memories, like milestones
Urging us onwards

Till then and for ever after
Let’s keep walking, friend!


  1. This poem makes me think of people.. friends we make at various stages in our life. They walk together with us for a certain distance, and then life pulls your destinies apart, and you go your different ways but still hold their memories in your heart.

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