What is this pen I hold in my hands
Is it a mere instrument of metal

Or a fine thread that tethers my thoughts to paper
Gives them life ere they disappear

An incandescent ray that expresses my feelings
And illuminates the blank sheet of paper on which it writes

A reservoir of fluid ink and emotion
The fount from which emanate words with the power to move

Perhaps a wordsmithโ€™s wand of wizardry
Which, with a flourish, can cast a spell on the reader

A catalyst that draws forth scintillating inspiration
From the deepest recesses to transcribe, nay craft, into the luminiscence of poetry

And profound insights from the very soul
To imprint them on a page forever

This pen, it is a quintessence, a manifestation of who I am at the moment


  1. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    What are we if not the moments that we record?
    When scribbling pen meets honest emotion upon fields of white.
    We are at our best when we are the most honest.
    Honesty found while separating defining scenes of an open book.
    Open pages like open wrists as we strive for that reservoir we all have.
    Of fluid ink and even more fluid feeling, we are the emotion of the present.
    Our pen, โ€œit is a manifestation of who we are at the moment.โ€

    -Opinionated Man

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  2. Excellent read! The flow and feeling are great – the message brought out is more so. At least in my not-so-humble opinion.
    “…it is a manifestation of who I am at the moment”
    i understand that statement more than i would have thought. Most of what i write i believe reflects who i am, where i’ve been ….
    Thank you for sharing this! i thoroughly enjoyed it.

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      1. ooooh! i wanna see! I wanna see! Yes, yes, yes….but we don’t have WA on our phone — i know it is crazy and we live in the stone age — that’s why i dream of living in a hut by Ganga Maa. Ok, i’ll send you an sms from my father’s phone – when i see him. Thanks sooo much Kunal. ๐Ÿ™‚

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