Moments of silence
Moments of solitude
No clock, no companion
Moments in a pensive mood

Sometimes noon and sometimes night
Moments when the mind’s a maze
Cup of coffee by my side
Ceiling, window, idle gaze

Moments during a walk alone
No words exchanged, just myself with me
Time past, times in the future
What I should have done, what will be

Moments seeking answers
Moments spent reflecting
Talking to the self
Doubting, dreaming, introspecting

Moments of meditation
Mind, be calm
Moments of prayer
My panacea, elixir, salve, balm

On my pillow, at my desk
Moments between my thoughts and me
Time to myself, wondering, pondering
Moments between my thoughts and me



    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      Always been there hiding somewhere in the subterranean and now surfacing! 🙂

      Keep coming back once a week, am trying to post regularly, new stuff as well as from the archives.




  1. I can definately relate to all of this. All too often the moments lapse back into waking sleep and not enough longer periods in meditation etc
    Also find the word should unhelpful …



  2. Fabulous poetry epicentered at ‘moment’ and build like a cobweb by the gifted spider-blogger. Ha! That’s what happens when a satirist resorts to praise.
    Beautiful poetry.

    Liked by 1 person


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