A Father’s Fears

Today, I am afraid of sending my child to school
Not knowing what she will learn
From books that oft teach false gospels
From teachers who know no better

Today, I am afraid of taking her to a place of worship
Not knowing whom she will bow to
The all-conquering neon-clad god of rampant consumerism
Or the insecure, intolerant one who rejects all others

Today, I am afraid of sending her out to play
Not sure ofΒ who lurks, hidden in the shadows
Waiting to end her innocence
And make her age faster than nature ever intended

Today, I am afraid of the boy whom she will marry
Not because of the family he comes from
But whether beneath his cloak of sensitivity
Is hidden violence, bigotry or misogyny

Today, I am afraid of waking my child each morning
Lest her dreams get interrupted
And she rises not to the glorious, benevolent sun
But to the harsh glare reflecting off the false patina that the world wears

Today, I am afraid of losing my daughter
Her heart made still by a bullet or a bomb, of course
But more so to base morals, values, ideologies
And my fear gets more real by the day


  1. unfortunately this is the fear of all parents. no one knows who will come back home in the evening walking or brought ——tears
    What has happened to humans? why is Satan so powerful why cant we live and let live others at peace

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  2. my father gets worried every time i am late, all parents want their children to live in a society where their child is safe and grows in a healthy environment, but we in India and Pakistan always live in a state of fear which we transfer to our children and they to their children.You have portrayed your fears and concern in a very profound manner.

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    1. Akhiz, why only India-Pakistan? It’s a concern across the world! It’s a state of decay in society and a sign of the times today. Unfortunately! I remember the times we would play cricket on the roads, not a care, cycle anywhere we wanted to , ask a stranger for help, go on picnics… And today? Metal detectors to go to a temple/church/gurdwara, afraid of the building watchmen or drivers… Sad, yaar!

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  3. Very well said, my friend. I too worry, but will not be a hostage to fear! I raised my son to think for himself, to question everything and look at the world for himself. As a result, I do not worry about him being “brain washed” or “indoctrinated”. I do worry about random violence; much like I worry about random accidents, or random acts of nature. Since I can no more control the thumb of a suicide bomber than I can control the impact of a bus or a meteorite, though I worry about them, I must have faith in whatever divine may exist to guard and protect him when I am not nearby. Today, I give thanks for what peace we have and pray for more peace for more people in the coming year.

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  4. Oh these are Mothers’ fears too and it’s hard not not let these get in the way of your children making meaning of life for themselves as our generation may have done. It’s a constant tug of war to have faith and trust that all will be okay. Have a lovely Sunday Kunal and I hope to be more regular once the dust settles around here.πŸ˜€

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      1. I take it you’re glad to see me back hereπŸ˜‰ Yes, I’m well and it starting to feel like we’re on a positive stretch ahead. Just been very busy – the year is racing ahead gain.πŸ˜€

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